Affordable Car Tracking In Nigeria … No Monthly Or Yearly Subscription

Secure Your Car From Thieves, Armed Robbers And Hoodlums

How Secured Is Your Vehicle?

Do you know that the latest NCC’s Car Theft survey, states that an average of 10 cars get stolen everyday in Nigeria? And 91% of these vehicles are never recovered. This is because most of these vehicles were not secured at all or were secured but with a quack car tracking device. There are over a thousand companies out there, proferring car tracking services but most of them are quacks. The essence of tracking a car is your ability to recover your car in case of car theft. When you can’t recover your stolen vehicle, then you have invested your money in a failed car tracking project.

CAr tracker

Stop Your Car From Moving With A Single PHONE Click

Find Any Car In Less Than 9 minutes IF It Gets Missing



1. Find out where your vehicle is at any given time

2. Get help in an emergency

3. Monitor your teens

4. Recover a stolen vehicle faster

5. Know immediately if your car is tampered with.

6. Stop/Start your Car from your device.**

People are gradually becoming desperate.

If you are careless with your car, it could be stolen before you say jack!

Leaving you stranded and with no convenient means of transportation.

Imagine what your life would be like if your car gets missing now.

If you have school children,

You will use public transport to do school runs.

If you are a business man/woman, or you have a job.

You will argue with bus drivers, touts and agbero everyday while climbing the bus.


In fact, by the time you finish waiting for the bus or keke to load,

You will be late to your destination.

Now If I show you a gadget system that tracks your car in minutes,

Showing you its exact location so that you can easily recover it,

Will you like to get it for your car?

What if our experts in your location also install this gadget for you…

While you relax and watch what they’re doing?

Don’t be like this other client who… 

Parked his car in a market car park and…

When he came back 30 minutes later, his car was missing.

He reported the incident to the nearest police station

But the police could not go far with the search because his car had no GPS tracker installed in it.

For the next 7 hours, he searched every corner of the market for his car.

But the car was gone forever, stolen by hungry thieves.

For the next 4 months, he had no choice…

But to use keke napep to pick up his 4 little daughters from school.

Imagine a 43yr old man standing by busy roads with 4 children.

A bus or trailer could easily fail brake, hit him or his children and cause a terrible accident.

This forced him to do everything he could to raise money for another car.

He could have easily prevented all these…

If he had a secure tracking system installed in his car.

Have you ever wondered why hotels place “car parked at owner’s risk” on their walls?

That’s because they don’t want you to blame them if your car gets stolen.

You won’t believe the number of cars that gets stolen everyday.

In the bank, In the market, In the hotels.

Even at work.

Your Car Safety Is Our Concern


GSM/GPRS/GPS Car Tracker Service.

This is the Latest Most Advanced car tracker you’ll ever need.
Equipped With 4G Technology And Live App Activities.

You would lose more in buying another car and the frustration if you car gets stolen (its better to protect your car than loss it)

If your car gets missing now, 

You will need to buy a new car of at least 2 Million Naira.

But if you secure your car today, you absolutely have nothing to worry about.

With one single click on your phone, you can cut off the power and oil circuit.

So that the thief can’t drive your car even an inch further.

Then you will use the GPS tracker to find the exact location of your car.

The truth is, 

Even if you feel your car can’t get missing,

You always want to be sure that it is safe.

Especially when your spouse or sibling is driving it.

At least now, you can always know  for sure where your car is at any point in time.

Now how much do you think is enough to secure your car worth millions of Naira?

If 200,000 Naira will ensure that you always know your car’s exact location, will it be too much?

Definitely, N200k is worth paying to secure your car.

And GUARANTEE it never gets missing.


Now what if you’re to pay N150,000 won’t you jump at this offer?

How about N100,000? Fair right?

So yep. The price is N100,000 (Tracker + Installation + 2 Free Gifts)

But because this is a PROMO offer,

You won’t pay 150,000

Or even N100,000

If you get this COMPLETE Car Tracker System today, you pay only a one time fee.


Nationwide Now N40,000

Price: ₦100,000 ₦40,000

Limited time offer… We only have a limited supply of this product at the PROMO price of ₦40,000 expires once we exhaust the present stock.

You’re not getting just the car tracker,

It will also be installed in your car by our experts in your town.

No matter your location in Nigeria,

We are available to help you secure your car in the next 48hours.

When Was The Last Time You Got A Gift?


To make this even sweeter,
You will get a bonus guide (PDF) on:

  1. How to check your tyre’s expiry date
  2. 7 Symptoms of a bad or failing fuel pump
  3. Warning signs of break failure
  4. You’ll get our Wheel Light FREE (Only 20 cars’ wheel light left)
  5. You’ll Get Our Car Door Logo Light at half the price.

Save money and save the lives of your loved ones with this FREE guide.

All with a tiny fee of N40,000 in all States & Cities Nationwide.

Claim Our 100% Product/Service Guarantee

If you notice any faults within the first 6 months of installation, You will get a NEW replacement free of charge.

Also, you will learn how to use/manage the car tracker.

WARNING: Get It NOW! Because we are selling out fast.

This might be your only chance to get this CAR TRACKER SYSTEM this Cheap and secure your car.

Don’t miss it.



Right now, we have very limited stock.

You need to make up your mind now…

And decide if you really want to secure your car.

Or if you want to leave it at the mercy of hoodlums.




Car Tracker Set + Free Installation (Nationwide)

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